International Team Tournament – Spring 2017

Since 1992 teams of three players have competed for the Kobayashi trophy in this three round tournament, twice a year; in spring and autumn.

Only kyu graded teams get a handicap and the games are 45 minutes sudden death played to BGA rules.

This spring, on 22nd April, the tournament was again held at the home of the West London Go Club, the Young Chelsea Bridge Club

(who again graciously sponsored the tournament).


It’s not the most serious of tournaments but no-one plays to lose

and everyone enjoys it.

Nippon Club have not won the trophy since 2012 so one might have thought they would go for it this time but unfortunately for them the strength of other teams would preclude that possibility.

Not everyone who turned up was expecting to play but luckily one or two press-ganged players enabled eight teams to participate this time. (Nameless to protect the guilty, two of the “volunteers” took a bye on the third round so they could visit the nearby rather beautiful Kyoto Gardens).

As well as Nippon club, we had WLGC A, WLGC B, North London Go Club (NLGC), Wanstead, Cambridge, Young Chinese (“since there may be another Chinese team haha”) and casting aside the idea that each team should be loosely associated with a geographic region, that other Chinese team: team daydream.

We formed two divisions:

team daydream (average strength 5 dan) WLGC A (2 kyu)
Young Chinese (4 dan) WLGC B (5 kyu)
Wanstead (2 dan) Cambridge (5 kyu)
NLGC (2 kyu) Nippon (9 kyu)

Some serious fighting ensued with at least one seriously close game continuing after the flags dropped because neither player wanted to finish that way.

The closeness of the competition continued with both Young Chinese and team daydream winning 6/9, daydream took the trophy2 on the board 1 results.

WLGC B were the clear winners of the other division (7.5/9) with Jonathan presenting an improvised trophy…

with Cambridge (with the two youngest players by far) on 5.5

(The average age of the Cambridge team was quite high)

The nature of the tournament was such that everyone got a prize. On the advice of previous organiser and this time prize-giver, Jonathan Turner (president, Central London Go Club) the prizes were six bottles of wine and 18 boxes of chocolate, however, it seemed that 18 bottles of wine and six boxes of chocolate might have been a better idea.

Around half of the participants disappeared into the local pub along with three Go sets and spent an enjoyable evening playing pair Go.

The next one will be in autumn and again it will be in West London Go Club. The tournament could easily be double in size so please look out for it.

There are many more photos of the event taken by Alex of NLGC

2The eagle eyed among you will notice that the trophy awarded was not the Kobayashi cup, which, alas, was away being repaired